One Amazing Birthday Party - The Lotus Lantern Festival in Korea

If you thought that people today were absolutely outlandish in costs and extravagance in developing their parties, they have nothing on this one. Buddha's impact on the world through his teaching on enlightenment and overall knowledge had such a huge impact that his birthday is celebrated all throughout the world. Many Asian countries have this day as an official holiday, and celebration reigns throughout the temples and streets. In Korea, all the stops are pulled out for putting on the Lotus Lantern Festival. One of the major attractions of this festival is the Lantern Parade in which they shut down Jongno Street in Seoul to light the night sky with thousands of lanterns. This parade must surely be formed up miles away to accommodate the thousands of lantern holders and floats. It is distinguished and renown for being one of the best festival's in Korea and a must-see for traveler's to see for themselves no matter what their beliefs...Continue Here


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