Can History Repeat Itself? - Touring the Korean DMZ

In Germany there stood a wall that separated the Communistic East from the Democratic West. After 28 years of living apart, the Communist East gave into civil unrest and allowed citizens to travel beyond the wall to the West. Once they were together and rejoined with their families and friends, the rest was history!

Unfortunately, 28 years seems quick compared to the length of time that Korea has spent being separated from each other. After over 60 years of living apart, the antics and tension between the two countries hardly goes unnoticed from media around the world. It deters people from coming to Korea, investing in its currency, and doing business with either side. The newer generations today have never known what it was like to be together, and with the older generations dieing off, reconnecting with one another may seem like a pipe dream.

The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) that separates these two countries is regarded as one of the most heavily armed borders in the world. This line is dictated by the 38th Parallel line and runs along the whole peninsula of Korea spanning around 160 miles long. Between this line, there is approximately 2.5 miles of distance between the two countries to ensure a surprise attack would not occur again. Though there may not be a wall for people to walk up and touch, there is now the visual barrier of two countries, with a common past, staring each other down along a line filled with mines, guns, and artillery.

This article is about the DMZ tour that I went on. Basically, a must to-do and see while you are in Korea...Continue Here


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